With HIP Pre-existing Conditions Don’t Exist

Atlanta, Georgia – Frustrated by the problems both he and his patients often experienced with the arbitrariness of healthcare insurance coverage, a suburban Atlanta-based surgeon believes he has come up with a solution. He calls it the Healthcare Investment Plan or“HIP”. He says HIP addresses virtually every concern that appeared in the recent mid-term elections and provides an answer, including coverage for pre-existing conditions.

“Insurance companies say that covering pre-existing conditions can threaten their survival,” Armstrong said.  “So they price that sort of coverage, if they offer it at all, out of reach for most consumers. That makes it unavailable to the people who need it the most,” he explained.  “So I wondered what would happen if the insurance consumer turned into an insurance investor and poured investment dollars into the company through stock purchases. Could that new kind of healthcare consumer, now a shareholder, motivate insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions?” Using the HIP concept, Armstrong believes it will.

Armstrong’s Healthcare Investment Plan creates a hybrid stock that would be part healthcare insurance and part equity. He thinks that with an emphasis on stock dividends, the income portion of this hybrid would not only increase the voluntary purchase of healthcare insurance, but would persuade consumers to purchase higher premium policies that would earn higher dividends. “It’s pretty basic,” Armstrong said. “This gives wealth and health to consumers.”

From the insurance companies’ perspective HIP adds new investment dollars onto their bottom line along with generous tax incentives. “That new income will allow the companies to focus on expanding healthcare coverage, including pre-existing conditions, because they will compete to offer the strongest, most broad-reaching, and successful portfolios to attract new stockholders,” Armstrong explained.  “This will empower consumers.  They will select only those companies that are the most solvent and cost effective and offer the most encompassing health carecoverage,” Armstrong said.Armstrong has personally presented the Healthcare Insurance Plan to major insurance executives and both state and federal level agencies.  While encouraged to further develop the HIP concept, Armstrong is hoping to interest an association devoted to improving healthcare insurance access for everyone.

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