Dr. Ned Armstrong On HIP

Atlanta, GA – Dr. Ned Armstrong, an orthopedic surgeon, has developed a concept where healthcare insurance consumers can actually make money on their healthcare coverage. , He labels it the “Healthcare Investment Plan” or “HIP”. It’s an idea he simply wants to give away. Armstrong recently created a video to add to website he has provided to guide insurance executives, politicians, the medical community and consumers through what some might call a radical idea. “Healthcare is obviously a hot button issue in the current political arena. It seems to go from no plan, which leaves millions uninsured, to ‘Medicare-for-all,’ an expensive proposition.  HIP turns both of those extremes upside down,” Armstrong says. “HIP lets consumers make money on their healthcare insurance.”

The Healthcare Investment Plan concept is deceptively simple. A portion of an insurance premium does go to cover healthcare coverage. But another portion is targeted to purchase stock in the insurance company that can be added to the customer’s portfolio. Dividends from the equities can be used s the consumer sees fit.

Other pieces of the premium pie are doled out to cover the uninsured and incentives for the insurance company. Low cost plans are included to make coverage affordable for virtually everyone with an income.

Currently the Healthcare Investment Plan is being reviewed by health care industry professionals who are still considering the ramifications of Armstrong’s concept. They are also still absorbing the fact that, considering his time and investment in the idea, Armstrong wants to give it away.

Armstrong responds to those who are doubtful of his intentions in his new video. He says, “I can sincerely say that after 35 years as a practicing physician helping patients medically, I’d like to do the same for the health care system for generations to come.”

Ned Armstrong has had surgical staff privileges Gwinnett Medical Center, Lawrenceville, Georgia, since 1984. He was an Adjunct Professor of Hand Surgery, Emory University School of Medicine from 1984-2014. He completed the Duke University Orthopedic Surgery Program and Hand Fellowship in 1983. He is founder and president of MARB Rehab International and inventor and co-designer of the Mitchell-Armstrong Reciprocating Brace (MARB) for hand rehabilitation.

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